FTD Carer Support Groups

The AFTDA and Dementia Australia facilitate several support groups for carers and family members of individuals with FTD. Support groups provide an essential opportunity for carers to meet and share their experiences in a group setting. FTD support groups are currently facilitated bi-monthly by two professionals with knowledge in dementia, including one with expertise in FTD. The support groups continue to meet in the intervening months without the facilitators.

At present, all states and territories in Australia have FTD support groups. Some of these are online and others face-to-face.

Note: these group meetings are for carers only, not for persons with FTD.

How do I join an FTD support group?

To join a support group, the person you are caring for must have been formally diagnosed with FTD. Contact us by sending an email to [email protected], and we will forward your details to a Dementia Australia facilitator who will contact you with details of the support group. You will be briefed on the details of the support group and what to expect.