Food for Thought Tool Kit
This grassroots FTD fundraising and awareness-raising campaign can be hosted at anytime but especially during World FTD awareness week each September/October. World Awareness Week started in the U.S.A, but has since gone global, and all funds raised from events held in Australia will benefit the Australian FTD Association and affected Australian families.

Food for Thought Toolkit 2016

Black Tie Event

Invite your friends, colleagues, social and sporting groups to this imaginary Black Tie Event which will never happen! Please pass it on this invitation via a group email or Facebook post to your networks of friends, colleagues, social and sporting groups. We've also included a sample letter for you to pass on!

Black Tie Event Invitation

Sample letter to go with Black Tie Event invitation

Donate or request collection envelopes

Facebook & Twitter

Suggestions for families to help raise awareness of FTD using social media.

World FTD Awareness Week 2015 — Social Media Kit — For Caregivers
World FTD Awareness Week 2015 — Social Media Kit — For Persons Living with FTD


Photo Board

The AFTDA would love to display your photos and stories from your World FTD Awareness Week Events. Please contact us to add your pictures to the photo board

You will also need to complete and attach a “consent to release photos form”

FTD Awareness week consent to release pics
FTD Awareness Week photo board templates Australia

Propose an event or request FTD Education